Christmas log is one of the most popular Christmas traiditions in Catalonia.

Come and find your “Tió de Nadal” hidden in a magic forest!

What is this?

All Catalan families have a “Christmas Log” at home for a few weeks before Christmas. Children feed him every day with oranges or sweets. And on Christmas Eve, it “poops” gifts to anyone who sings the song “Cagatió”!

How to find one?

They are hidden in magic forests all around Catalonia, waiting for families to come and take them home. We can help you to find yours!


With “Caçations” you will discover some of the most beautiful forests and mountains in Catalonia, while joining one of our most popular Christmas tradition!

How does it work?

  • Choose the place

    We have plenty of options! Check the available forests by date. You can go to the beautiful village of Rupit, discover the spectacular views of Pedraforca ar many other options!

  • Book the experience

    For 35€ you will discover a forest and will live with your children the experience of finding a Tió! The Christmas log will have a customized message for your children...

  • Do you want a Restaurant?

    Easy peasy! While booking the experience you can also book a table in one of the available restaurants in the area. We will manage that for you and you will pay the meal directly to the Restaurant.

  • The map and GPS coordinates

    To find the Tió you will have a map and the GPS coordinates of its position. You will live the experience of looking for a magic log using them. In case of need, there is an assistance service available!

  • Come to hunt the Tió!

    Just come and follow the map to find it! The walk will be around 20-30minutes long and you can do it between 11am and 2pm. And your children will have an unforgettable experience!

Do you need help?
Contact us!

+34 685 83 46 63


Where can you hunt a Tió?


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